Can I stop the system from emailing certain showing agents?

You can unsubscribe a showing agent from receiving feedback requests, but that applies to ALL feedback requests for ALL of your listings. Once a contact has been unsubscribed from an email they cannot be re-subscribed so please use caution when unsubscribing contacts.

By default all outgoing account emails automatically include an unsubscribe link that the email recipients can click to remove themselves from the mailing lists. This includes feedback request emails.

Follow these instructions to unsubscribe a contact from an email type:

(Reminder: Unsubscribing a contact from an email type is permanent and CANNOT be undone!)

  1. Select the Contacts tab from the top navigation in the account.
  2. Use the search filters to locate the desired contact.
  3. Hover over Actions and click the Edit Subscriptions option.
  4. Uncheck each email type to unsubscribe this agent from and click OK in the confirmation dialog. If you are not able select a particular email type then that indicates this contact has already unsubscribed from those emails.
  5. Press Save or Finish when done.

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