How do I import contacts into my account?

Follow the instructions below to import contacts into the system –

  • In the top navigation click Contacts.
  • Hover over the orange Add Contact(s) button and click Import Contacts.
  • Read through the Permission Confirmation Checklist and be sure that your contact list meets the guidelines.

    Note: Only permission-based email addresses can be used in Showing Suite. If your list does not meet each item on the checklist, select Cancel. All check-boxes must be checked before your import will begin.
  • Click the Choose File button and locate the CSV file to upload from the computer. The file must be in CSV format. If there is an Excel formatted list, save the list in CSV format.
  • Review the Import Options and make sure the desired choice is selected. We recommend leaving it on "Do not import duplicate items" unless you're updating contacts already in the system.
  • Press Upload CSV
  • On the next step you can set the preferences and map the fields to ensure the contact details are correctly placed.
    • Associate imported contacts with the following group – Select what type of contact group the list is to be placed under.
    • Check the Make available in Home Followup box if you want to be able to send these contacts email campaigns, newsletters, etc. with the HomeFollowup tool
    • Check any other contact groups you want these contacts to fall under in the Additional Groups section (optional).
    • Select which fields the information should be imported into (must have First Name, Last Name, and e-mail address imported).
  • Press Save when done
  • Next the import status will be shown. This will be give the total number of contacts, how many contacts were imported, how many contacts were duplicates, and how many contacts failed to import. If the import fails, please be sure to check your CSV files for any spaces, punctuation, such as periods or dashes, and remove them.

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