How to use a Snap Shot Report for your Showing Agent Incentives

 If you are currently subscribed to our Basic Showing Suite or Ultimate Showing Suite package, you have a wide array of reports at your disposal. For our clients that are making use of the Showing Agent incentives section of their account, we have a great tool in the reporting tab for you.

If you are not currently using Showing Agent Incentives in your account, please see this help desk article to find out how to set up Showing Agent Incentives so that your agents are more inclined to respond to feedback requests.

Once you have created an incentive with our Showing Suite program, you will want to be able to see which agents have responded and have not responded in a specific time frame. Pulling the “Snap Shot” report in our streamlined Reporting tab will help you to determine your winner for your incentive. Please follow the below steps to pull this showing agent response report.

  • Once logged in to your Showing Suite account, select the "Reporting" tab. 
  • You will be brought to your Snap Shot Report as a default, and we will be using this report to find who has and has not responded to feedback. 
  • In the "Date Range Filter", fill in the specific date range you would like the report to be pulled for. You can use "Last 30 days", or even create your own “Custom” date range. 
  • After you have selected your date range, press Filter. 
  • Under Detailed View, select the category "Showings". 
  • This report will show you the Showing Agent's name, the feedback date, address, and the status of completion of the Feedback. 
  • Select "Print" to print this report out for easier viewing and selection for the winner of your agent incentive program!


I do hope this was helpful in finding a winner for your Showing Agent Incentive!

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