How do I setup HomeFollowup?

Setting up your Home Followup account is easy and the very first things you will want to take care of are your company logo, agent image, and email signature. All three of these things will be included in many outgoing emails so you will want to make sure they are setup properly.

Instructions on how to setup your signature, company logo and agent photo can be found here.

Creating Your Emails

When creating a campaign, newsletter, property flyer, or e-card, it's good to know the difference between all 4 of them.

  • A campaign is a series of emails spread out over a certain time period. When a campaign is created, any templates from e-cards or newsletters can be used in the campaign.
  • A newsletter is a one time email sent to contacts about anything. To send out more that one of these, use the campaign feature or add additional issues to a saved newsletter.
  • A property flyer is a single email sent to contacts about a listing. It is highly recommended you associate a listing with a property flyer to auto-populate the listing's details into the email.
  • An e-card is used for events; a specific event, periodic event, or anniversary for example; birthdays, holidays, or a house anniversary.

Setting up Campaigns, Newsletters, & E-Cards:

Capturing Leads

The Lead Sync feature in Home Followup allows you to create webforms that can be placed on your existing website to capture new leads. Once a lead fills out the webform on your website they will be placed into your Home Followup contact list and automatically subscribed to any email campaigns associated with the Lead Sync form.

Instructions on how to create and setup Lead Sync can be found here.

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