How do I add an incentive for a showing agent?

Incentives can be used to motivate the showing agent to respond to your feedback request emails.

Multiple showing incentives can be added for each property and any incentives entered will be available for quick selection when entering a new listing so it doesn't have to be re-typed in every time.

How to Add a Showing Incentive

  1. Select the Listings, Showings, or Calendar tab from the top navigation.
  2. Locate the desired listing; you can use the blue search bar at the top right to quickly find the listing if necessary.
  3. Under the Showing Actions button for the desired listing, select View/Edit Showing Agent Incentives.
  4. If there has previously been an incentive added on a listing you can select it from the Choose Incentive dropdown.
  5. If creating a new incentive, enter a name for it in the Incentive Name field and enter the incentive offer into the  Incentive Text field.

    Example incentive: Respond within 24 hours and get a $5 Starbucks giftcard!
  6.  Press Save when done.

The incentive will automatically be included in any feedback requests sent for this property.

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