How do I create an email campaign?

Follow the steps below to create an email campaign:

  1. Click the Followup tab on the top navigation.
  2. Click  Create Campaign under the Campaigns header.
  3. Enter a name of the campaign, select when the campaign should begin and decide  whether to associate a listing with any of the campaign emails. Click No to not associate a listing with this campaign. Click Next.
  4. Different email templates can be viewed by selecting a category from the drop-down on the left. Choose the desired category, and then select what template to use for the first email sent out in the campaign.
  5. After the first email is selected click Add to Campaign.
  6. Now you can make the desired changes to the email. Note: If you want to save this specific email template to use for other emails, simply click the "Save to My Templates" box above the email editor.
  7. Select Save or Next after making your changes. A dialog box saying, "Are you sure you want to overwrite the text?" will popup. Click OK and the text from your HTML email will automatically be updated in the text version below.
  8. After clicking 'OK' you will be taken to the list of emails currently in the campaign.
    1. To add more emails to this campaign, repeat steps 5 through 10.
    2. When finish, continue to the steps below...
  9. Once all the emails wanted in the campaign and the emails are in the desired order (Hint: you can change the order of the emails by dragging and dropping the emails) click Next.
  10. Click to select contacts to subscribe this campaign to. Note once the contacts are selected from the address book, there are some different options to save the campaign:
    1. Click Save  and the selected contacts will be saved the campaign and will stay on the current page.
    2. Click Next and all campaign information is saved and are then taken to the Campaign Summary page.


If you do not want to subscribe any contacts yet, just click Next or Finish. You've created your campaign!

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