Installing Your New IDX

Your Showing Suite IDX "Welcome" email will come with two short lines of “code”.  It will look like gibberish but believe it or not, this small snippet of code will tell your website exactly how to display your new IDX.


An example of this "code" or HTML is shown below (Please note that this is an example and will not work if inserted into your website!)

<script type="text/javascript">var rwscn = "123456321";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


  1. Highlight the entire two lines of code and “COPY” them by pressing “Ctrl + C” on a PC or “Function + C” on a Mac.  (The “function” key has an image of an Apple on it). You can also right click the highlighted code and choose "Copy" as a selection in the menu.
  2. Go to the page editor section of your website.  Decide what page you would like your IDX to appear on, and edit that particular page.  **Be sure to allow for at least 800 pixels of width in the space that your new Showing Suite IDX will be installed. **

  3. If you are using Wordpress, select the “HTML” tab on the page editor.  Many other website administration areas have a similar feature.  Some call it “HTML” some call it “Code” or something similar.
  4. Once you select the “HTML” or similar tab, paste the code snippet from your email attachment by pressing “Control + V” on a PC or “Option + V” on a Mac. You can also right click and choose "Paste" as a selection in the menu. That should insert the code from your email into your webpage.
  5. Once that code is pasted, feel free to save your page (or 'Publish', if that is an option) and then go check it out!


How does it look? Fantastic? Great!

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