How do I unsubscribe a contact from future emails?

Follow the steps below to add a new contact to be unsubscribed from future emails. If the contact exists in the address book use the search box to locate the contact by name or email address.

  1. Select Contacts in the top navigation bar and click on the Add Single Contact button.
  2. Fill out the required fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Primary Group
    • Click Save

A green confirmation message will appear stating the contact has been successfully added and a dropdown menu appears. Follow the instructions below to unsubscribe the contact from specific email types:

  1. For the contact you just added, hover over the yellow Actions button and select the View/Edit Email Subscriptions option from the dropdown.
  2. Uncheck each email type to unsubscribe this agent from.

    Note: Unsubscribing a contact from an email type is permanent. If you wish to unsubscribe this contact from the contact type click OK on the confirmation dialog.

    If you are not able select a particular email type this contact has already unsubscribed from these emails.
  3. Press Save when done.

Reminder: Unsubscribing a contact from an email type is permanent and CANNOT be undone.

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