How do I send a customer satisfaction survey invitation for an existing survey?

Follow the steps below to send invitations for an existing survey:

  1. Select the Surveys tab in the top navigation.
  2. Find the customer satisfaction survey you wish to send invitations for; you can quickly locate the desired survey by using the blue search bar on the top right.
  3. Select Send Survey Invitations from the Actions drop-down menu and click Go.
  4. On the next page create the survey invitation:
    1. In the From Email section enter an email address that will be shown as the sender, by clicking in the field and entering in the email address.
    2. In the Email Subject section, click in the open field and enter the subject to be displayed in the survey email.
    3. In the Email Message section enter in the custom survey invitation to be displayed in the survey email.
    4. The merge fields found to the right can be used to insert information from the account into the message body, to add one of these select the merge field and click Insert beneath the selections.
  5. Once the survey invitation is completed click on the Preview Survey and Select Contacts at the bottom of the page to review your work.
  6. Next click Select Contacts.
  7. The next page will show the account contact list, select who will receive this survey. Use the search fields to locate contacts and check the box for the contact name to add them as a recipient.
  8. After the contacts are selected click Send Survey Invitations at the bottom of the page to send the requests.

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