The seller already exists in my account, why can't I save my new listing?

If you are adding a listing for a seller that you've previously entered into the system, you will need to select that seller from your address book when adding the listing.

Follow these steps to add a listing for an existing seller:

  1. Click on the Listings tab in the account.
  2. Click on the Add Listing button.
  3. Type in the seller's name or email address in the blue "Search Sellers for" search bar.  In the Listing Actions tab, to the right, select the option to View/Edit Seller Details.
  4. Choose the seller contact from the search results.
  5. Enter in the listing details.

If the listing already exists in your account, follow these steps to edit the seller details:

  1. Click on the Listings tab in the account.
  2. Use the search box to locate the listing by MLS id number or address.
  3. Use the yellow action button and select the option "View/Edit Seller Details".
  4. Use the search box on the next page to locate the correct seller by name or email address.
  5. Select this seller to assign the listing in your account.

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