How do I customize my seller login page?

You can customize your seller login on the user settings page.

Note: The company logo and agent image you upload into your account is used on your outgoing emails, including any customer satisfaction surveys you send, and seller login page.

Steps to customize your seller login:

  1. Click Settings on the top navigation and select User from the sub-menu.
  2. Under the Images and Color Selection section, you can upload a company logo or banner and an additional logo or signature image. Additionally, you can also select the background color to match the login page to your existing website.

    Follow these steps to upload an image:
    1. Click the Browse.. button
    2. Locate the file you want to upload in the dialog box (the file must be on your computer hard drive).
    3. Click the image of your choice and click Open in the dialog box.
    4. Repeat the 3 steps above for the logo/signature image if necessary.

    Note for image uploads: The company logo/banner image will automatically be resized to 108 x 64 pixels. The logo/signature image will automatically be resized to 100 x 100 pixels.

  3. On the Background Color color palette you can choose the color that best matches your company colors. The color you pick will be used both on the seller login screen and inside your seller account.
  4. Press 'Preview Seller Login' to see what your custom seller login screen will look like
    click 'Save' (or Finish) when done.


Go here
for instructions on how to add the seller login page to your website.

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