Is there a question pool I can select questions from?

Yes, we have a pool of questions that you can select premade questions from. There are hundreds of questions to choose from and the questions are broken down into the following categories:

  • New home sales
  • Pricing
  • Property specific
  • Buyer survey
  • Interest level
  • Open ended
  • Showing
  • Rental
  • Open house
  • Previewing

Adding Questions from the Question Pool

Follow the instructions below to edit the default question templates for your account.

  • Select Settings from the top navigation and select View/Edit Feedback Settings from the green drop-down menu.
  • The default question templates are displayed below the feedback settings, just select the name of the question template you wish to edit.
  • Once you have selected the desired template, click the Add Question From Question Pool button above the list of questions.
  • The question pool will be located on the left and your current template on the right. Select the category of questions you want to add to your template and find a question you want to add.
  • Once you have selected the question you would like to add to your questionnaire, click on the question and drag it into the Question Template Box.
  • Repeat the same drag and drop process for additional questions.
  • After you have finished your edits click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. 


  1. What is Showing Suite?
  2. Can I be emailed whenever showings are imported?
  3. Do you have content I can add to my website to attract sellers?
  4. How is 'offer pending' feedback used?
  5. How do I setup Showing Suite?
  6. What can I customize in my Showing Suite account?
  7. Where can I find marketing materials for Showing Suite?
  8. What is "default showing frequency"?
  9. How to Record Notes on a Scheduled Showing
  10. How do I set up an internal note to display on a listing for front desk personnel?
  11. How do I send an e-blast from the showing suite app?
  12. Requesting Feedback in the Showing Suite App
  13. Who sees the feedback for the property?
  14. How will the showing agent know which property my feedback request is for?
  15. How do I request feedback?
  16. Can I change the default feedback settings?
  17. Is there a question pool I can select questions from?
  18. How do I change the default showing type?
  19. How do I make feedback questions required?
  20. How do I unsubscribe myself from feedback requests?
  21. Can I edit the feedback request emails?
  22. What Are Merge Fields?
  23. How do I delete listing photos?
  24. How do I send an e-blast (email all agents who have shown a specific property)?
  25. How do I leave a note for my seller?
  26. How do I print an individual feedback response?
  27. How do I view all of the feedback requests for a listing?
  28. How do I enter feedback manually?
  29. How do I customize my seller login page?
  30. How do I add an incentive for a showing agent?
  31. How do I edit questions for a single listing?
  32. How do I print out the statistical report for a listing?
  33. What does "Pending" mean when I view my showings?
  34. What if a buyer without an agent views my client's property?
  35. Why should I enter open houses into the system?
  36. What is the showing type?
  37. What are showing type labels?
  38. How much information do I have to enter for each feedback request?
  39. How secure is the information entered into the system?
  40. How many feedback requests are sent out?
  41. What is Foreclosure Feedback?

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