How do I request feedback?

Follow the steps below to request feedback on a listing –

  1. Select the Showings tab from the top navigation.
  2. Find the listing you wish to request feedback for; you can use the blue search bar at the top of the page to quickly find the desired listing.
  3. Under the Showing Actions button for the desired listing click Request Feedback - (Please note if you do not see this option, seller details are still required for this listing. Add seller details by clicking the View/Edit Seller Details option under the Listing Actions menu. Please Click Here for additional information about seller accounts)
  4. Enter the following details about the showing: (required fields are marked with a red asterisk *)
    • Showing Date
    • Send 1st Request (this is when you want the first email to go out)
    • Showing Type (determines what feedback questionnaire should be sent)
    • # of Requests to send (defaults to 3)
    • Frequency of the feedback request emails (defaults to every 3 days)
  5. Then enter the Showing Agent details:

  1. Helpful Tip: If you have previously requested from the showing agent you can use the blue search bar to quickly find and populate the agent's details that way to avoid having to re-enter the information.

    • First Name (of the showing agent)
    • Last Name (of the showing agent)
    • Email Address (of the showing agent)
    • Company (of the showing agent)
    • Work Phone (OPTIONAL)
    • Mobile Phone (OPTIONAL)
    • Contact Group to place the contact in

Once you have filled out all the required fields, press Schedule Feedback Request(s) to send the showing agent feedback requests
If you already have the feedback and want to log it in the system (NO emails will be sent to the showing agent) then click the Enter Manual Response to add the showing feedback.

You will get a confirmation that the feedback request has successfully been scheduled.


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