eShowing Sync is Here!

At Showing Suite, Inc. we've been listening to you – our members – and have made some changes to the Showing Suite system in order to make it easier to sync your showing information from your electronic lockboxes if you use Supra.

As of June 16th, 2010, you can use the new feature, eShowing Sync, to sync showings from your Supra electronic lockbox website – all without the use of any desktop software!

eShowing Sync feature highlights:

  • Works for Supra electronic lockboxes.
  • No software download/installation required.
  • Completely secure & does not require sensitive login information.
  • Option to disable feedback requests if you access your own lockboxes.
  • Works for single agent accounts, team accounts, and office accounts.
  • All new showings will be pulled in for your listings that are setup with eShowing Sync.
  • Saves you countless hours every month by not having to manually request feedback.

How do I setup eShowing Sync?

eShowing Sync is easy to setup on your account, please click the link below for instructions:

Instructions to Setup eShowing Sync for Supra lockboxes

Note: eShowing Sync only works if you have Showing Sync included in your Showing Suite plan.

If you have any questions regarding the new eShowing Sync feature, please feel free to submit a ticket.

We hope you enjoy the new eShowing Sync feature!

~ Your Showing Suite Team

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