My welcome email looks all garbled up from HDIDX to install my IDX. What do I do?

My welcome email looks all garbled up, and I don’t think I got the correct ‘code’ from HD IDX to install my IDX. What do I do?

It appears that your email client may not be displaying information correctly from the welcome email. We have a few options here:

  1. You can reopen the email from a different client and see if the code is in the email correctly. This is an issue with very few email clients, so using new email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird will alleviate the issue you may be experiencing with your current email client.
  2. If you can correctly see the area of rwscn, which is your personalized code for your domain (ex.  rwscn = “123456321″), you can copy the above HTML script and replace the ‘rwscn’ information with your own, and paste that HTML into your website HTML editor as well.

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