Is HD-IDX a framed solution or locally hosted?

Thanks for the question! HD-IDX is an IFRAME solution, meaning it is not housed on your local server. Over the years, Realtors have been hammered with the opinion that "IFRAME is bad for SEO". Last year that was officially debunked. About the HDIDX IFRAME format... A quick bit of background info on the most popular reasoning behind non-iFRAME IDX solutions:

A few years ago, it was very 'en vogue' to have a locally hosted IDX solution for "SEO". The idea being that all that content, on your local server, gives Google lots of great material to crawl and index. Who wouldn't want thousands of automatically generated pages on their website?

Well, beginning last year and continuing into 2012 and even into present-day, Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, led teams to two huge search algorithm updates called Panda and Penguin. The main goal of these updates was to identify "significant duplicate content" and either not count it as 'original' or in some cases (deceptive SEO content practices) penalize the site. Here's a great post about it:


Google Search Algorithm Changes - Panda and Penguin

When you consider it, having thousands of pages on your site that contain the same content as hundreds of other sites, could certainly be perceived by a computerized algorithm as "significant duplicate content". According to Google, these pages will not count towards your ranking. To make matters worse, if you have thousands of duplicate content pages, Google could have trouble indexing your original pages.

As many people know, content inside of IFRAMEs, like the one that we use to embed HDIDX, is not indexed by Google, as it is not housed on your website's 'local servers'. Serving our IDX in an IFRAME, though, offers numerous other advantages such as:

  • You will always automatically receive product upgrades as we roll them out. You won't ever have to install a new version or manually upgrade. As we roll out updates, they automatically appear.
  • You can easily move your HD IDX around your site, to find the best position for conversions and usability
  • You can deploy multiple versions of the IDX through your site!
  • Your Facebook version will sync registered users with your website version, since they share the same server!

and more to come, of course....

We focused on usability and design with HD IDX, so that you have the best chance of converting your website visitors to leads, and maximizing their time on your site.

Please, don't take what we are saying as "the only way to go is iFRAME". There's nothing wrong with going with a locally hosted solution. We just did the research and for what we were focused on (a quality user search experience, constant free updates, simple installation, no server requirements, works on any website) a framed solution was the way to go for HD-IDX.

There are benefits to each, and neither is the only way to go. Locally installed IDX used to be the only way to go. Now I believe that Matt Cutts @ Google have made it pretty much equal playing field for IDX solutions. Your best bet is to populate your site with quality content that shows off your local expertise and personal brand. For your IDX, I would focus on which one provides the highest quality search experience for your prospect.


I hope that helps answer your question!

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