How do I create a custom search with my HD-IDX?

To create a custom search on your HD-IDX widget,  follow the below steps:

  1. Enter your search criteria into the HD-IDX widget. (eg. Condos in a specific area, priced above a certain amount, etc.). This will be the basis for creating this search. We also do recommend creating "Neighborhood" custom searches by using the search box in your HD-IDX widget and then continuing with the steps below.
  2. After you have added your search criteria, select the small "Link" icon in the lower right corner of the widget. It is below the "Broker Reciprocity" logo on your HD-IDX. You will be prompted to name your search. Enter the name of your search.
  3. You will be given two separate lines that can be copied. One is a unique URL that you can enter into blog posts, links to give to prospects, etc. The other, larger line is a code that can be used to actually embed your customer search into a new page on your website. This can be added to any page by yourself or your webmaster.
  4. Select your applicable code and its respective "Copy" link, and you or your webmaster can paste that whole code snippet or URL into the page, blog post, email where you want the custom search to appear or link to.  


There you go! You're all set to create as many custom searches as you desire!

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