Why did my showings stop syncing with SUPRA?

If previously your Showing Suite account was syncing properly but has now stopped, there may be a number of issues affecting this from within your SUPRA account. SUPRA may have removed all information from your SupraWeb account, which removes the syncing functionality from your Showing Suite account. In many cases, SUPRA will wipe out all notification settings from your account if you do any of the following from your SUPRA or SupraWeb/SupraKim account:

  • Change your account/lockboxes to SUPRA eKey
  • Add or Remove a lockbox from your SupraWeb account

At this time, we do advise you to, if you have made any of these changes, please look at your General Email Settings within your SupraWeb account in the Settings area to see if the information has been removed. If it has, please follow the steps in the help desk article: What do I do if Supra stops sending Showing Alerts to me? 

If you have any questions beyond this, please contact support@showingtime.com and our team will be able to help you.

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