Why are lockboxes syncing for some listings and not for others?

If you have noticed that only some listings in your Showing Suite account are producing feedback requests and yet others are not, this is most likely an issue with offices and teams that share a Sentrilock broker account. If some listings are syncing and producing feedback requests, chances are you are familiar with using your Sentrilock Connection Email Address. For further instruction on what that is and how it is used, please visit this Article.

The problem is usually caused because of the new nature of our link to the Sentrilock system. If another agent under the same brokerage account puts the lockbox on a house or is the main listing agent for the property, then they are considered by Sentrilock to be the main agent for that lockbox as well. So, regardless of who actually owns the box, the listing agent is considered the contact for all notifications of showings for that lockbox. Therefore, you must also place the Connection email found in the Showing Suite account in the team member's Sentrilock account, in addition to (or instead of) your Sentrilock account. Otherwise, Showing Suite will not receive notifications of your showings and cannot generate feedback for the showings on that listing.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Login to your Sentrilock account (http://sentrilock.com)
  2. Click on the “My Lockboxes” tab
  3. Find the lockbox that corresponds to the listing which is experiencing the issue
  4. Confirm that you are considered the “Lockbox Owner”
    1. If you are not, this may be the cause of the issue, but please continue
  5. The important information on this page is in the “Location” column, you must confirm that there is not another agent’s name showing as “Listed By:”

If you own the lockbox but there is another agent showing in the area that states “Listed By:” in the “Location” column, this is where the issue is derived.

You must now take one of two actions to resolve the issue:

  1. Have the listing agent add your Sentrilock Connection Email to their Sentrilock account preferences.
  2. Change the listing to show you as the listing agent.


And you're set! Your showings should sync for these listings now!


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