What is Showing Robot?

Showing Robot is a showing appointment scheduling and feedback system that allows agents and home buyers to schedule showing appointments easily – in any one of three ways! Agents or home buyer prospects can schedule showings by clicking a link/URL, sending a text message, or making a single phone call. Showing Robot then will call or text all of the involved parties to confirm the showings before notifying the showing agent with showing information.


Instead of using call centers, Showing Robot uses cloud-based technology to electronically set your showings, which eliminates the possibility of human error, saves you and your agents time, and dramatically lowers the cost of operation.


Key Features

  • We provide you with a single phone number that buyer’s agents use to call or text to schedule showings.
  • Place your Showing Robot number on property flyers, marketing materials, and in your MLS to allow easy access for scheduling showings.
  • Set how you and your sellers would like to be notified and approve showing requests – by phone, text, or email!
  • Easier setup of your showing appointments means more showings and happier clients.
  • Include personalized messages to agents scheduling showings on your listings.
  • Buyer’s agents are provided free accounts to keep track of their showings, search for listings, and change their own contact information.
  • Texting an MLS number to your Showing Robot number automatically sends buyer’s agents a property flyer for your listing with available showing times.
  • Avoid using expensive and error-prone call centers for scheduling appointments on your listings.
  • Almost no setup required – Just enable Showing Robot in your account and apply it to one of your listings to get started!
  • All alerts including emails, SMS, and voice messages are TCPA and CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Store contact information for agents who set up showings on your listings – use it to send notifications for price reductions or open houses.

Feedback and Knowledge Base

Our support team is available from:

Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm CST
Saturday–Sunday, 8am–5pm CST

Phone: 800-379-0057
Email: support@showingtime.com