How does Showing Robot work?

Showing Robot utilizes state-of-the-art technology created by our staff of developers to make scheduling showings easier than ever before.

This is what will typically occur in an ideal situation for a showing agent desiring to schedule a listing:

1. The Showing Agent will make a call to your personal Showing Robot number, or a text (SMS) to that very same number. They can schedule a single showing or multiple showings, as long as they have either the MLS ID or Address on hand. Our system will handle either input smartly, and provide the availability for the showing agent and they can select their desired showing date and time. Showing Robot is better than a call center in this aspect, as our Robot cannot misread or mistype a showing date or time request.

2.  Once the showing has been (tentatively) scheduled with the Showing Agent, the Robot will determine the listing (or listings') confirmation settings. You may customize who needs to approve each listings' showings, including yourself, your sellers, tenants, etc. The point here is that you can set exactly how you want this property shown by having confirmations or notifications to all necessary parties. Once again, the Robot trumps call centers in this aspect, as he has an infinite amount of Robot arms to call, text, or email and confirm every necessary party -- simultaneously.

3. Once all parties have confirmed the showing, a showing approval notice is sent to all parties to let them know it is fully confirmed. An email is sent specifically to the showing agent to provide showing directions and instructions (if applicable). If the showing has been denied, the showing may be rescheduled for a new date/time, and an applicable notice is sent to the showing agent if that is the case. All fully automated - 24/7/365. You can't say that about any other showing appointment call center, but you can say that about Showing Robot.

 And that's how Showing Robot works!

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