How do I update my listing information?

Click on the Listings tab in the top navigation of your account, select what section of the listing information to update under the Listing Actions button for the desired listing:

Select  To edit the following...

Edit Seller Details

  • Seller username
  • Seller password
  • Seller language preference
  • Seller first name
  • Seller last name
  • Seller email address
  • Seller home #
  • Seller mobile #
  • Send welcome email

Edit Listing Details

  • Listing status
  • Property address
  • Cross street
  • Map code
  • Price
  • MLS# (Agent Accounts)
  • Listing date
  • Expiration date
  • Year built
  • Est. sq. footage
  • Bedrooms
  • Baths
  • Property type
  • Parking
  • Occupied by
  • Virtual tour link
  • Listing info link

Edit Listing Photos

  • Add photos
  • Reorder photos
  • Delete photos 

View/Edit Listing Documents

  • Upload listing document
  • Preview uploaded documents
  • Delete uploaded documents
  • Edit seller access to uploaded documents
  • Attach listing documents to showing agent appointment confirmation email

View/Edit Marketing Notes

  • Add new comment for seller
  • Edit comments
  • Hide comments
  • Delete comments
  • Add notes
  • Edit notes
  • Delete notes

View/Edit Instructions / Directions

  • Add new instructions and directions
  • Edit instructions and directions
  • Delete instructions and directions

View/Edit Tasks

  • Add task
  • Edit task
  • Delete tasks
  • Hide task from seller
  • Email seller when completed
  • Change due date
  • Set Reminders for tasks
  • Set completion date

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