How do I assign my SentriLock lockboxes inside Showing Suite?

For SentriLock customers:

You will need to enter the assigned lockbox serial number (SN #) for each of your listings in order for Showing Sync to function. Typically this number is located on your physical lockbox and also within your SentriLock web account. To enter the serial number:

  1. Select the Settings tab in the top navigation.
  2. Click the View/Edit Showing Sync Settings option in the green drop-down menu.
  3. Select SentriLock from the Electronic lockbox provider drop-down menu.
  4. All of your listings will be displayed below with a field to enter the assigned Keybox/Lockbox # for each listing.
  5. Enter the assigned Keybox/Lockbox #'s for each listing and press Save.


It is crucial that you enable the showing notification feature inside your SentriLock account in order for Showing Sync to work:

After you have completed the steps above, NEW showings will be synced to your Showing Suite account to trigger the feedback request emails to showing agents that have shown your properties.

Please note that OLD showings that have already taken place prior to setting Showing Sync up will not be populated inside your Showing Suite account and will need to be entered manually.

Please allow 12-24 hours for NEW showings to begin appearing inside your Showing Suite account.


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