I don't see a showing from my lockbox. (SENTRILOCK)

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer directly connected with SentriLock, so please be sure to follow ALL of the steps below to setup Showing Sync to sync showings from your SentriLock electronic lockboxes:


If a showing has been conducted on one of your listings and a feedback request has not been sent, it may be for the following reasons:

  1. The agent who conducted the showing has not scanned their Sentrilock card yet to upload the showing. Sentrilock’s card based system does result in a delay from when an agent conducts the showing to when Sentrilock is notified. Our system must wait for Sentrilock to be notified of the showing before it can send out a feedback request.
  2. Your Sentrilock account has not been connected to Showing Suite. In order to sync with Sentrilock’s systems, you must insert your connection email within the preferences page of your Sentrilock account. If this email is not present, our system will not receive notices of showings on your listings and will be unable to send requests to the showing agent automatically. For instructions on what email you must put in Sentrilock and where to put this email, please visit the article linked here: https://showingsuite.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/1150189-how-do-i-setup-showing-sync-for-sentrilock-lockbox-
  3. Lockboxes are not correctly assigned in your account. Please make sure to keep all lockbox assignments updated and current in your Showing Suite account. You can view the lockbox assignments in the “View/Edit Showing Sync Settings” of your account.


Important things to note:


  • After the initial setup, it may take up to 24 hours for showings to begin populating inside your Showing Suite account.
  • Showing Sync will only pick up NEW showings and will not sync showings that have already taken place. Any showings that have taken place prior to setting up Showing Sync will need to be entered manually.


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