How do I create and send e-cards?

E-cards are a great way to show clients you care about more than just the business they bring.

Follow the steps below to create and schedule an automatic e-card with HomeFollowup:

  1. Click the Followup tab.
  2. Select the Create E-card under the E-Card header.
  3. Now select when to send the e-card. Click the E-card type icon to select it.
    1. Specific Date will send the e-card on a date specified.
    2. Periodic Date option will the e-card periodically for as long as the E-card exists
    3. Anniversary option will send an e-card to subscribed contacts that have a saved anniversary date.
  4. Click Next after you've selected the send date.
  5. Choose to associate a listing to an e-card. When an active listing is associated, the listing information will automatically be populated in the e-card (useful if sending a home anniversary card) If you do not want to associate a property with the card click No. Click Next after you've selected the send date and your listing.
  6. Select an e-card template by choosing a template category from the drop-down on the left. (Hint: Want to use a custom template you've previously loaded and/or saved? Your custom templates are listed when you first come to this page – just pick which one you want to use.)
  7. Preview the template of your choice by clicking on the thumbnail of it, and click on the thumbnail to use it.
  8. Enter a name into the Email Template Label field (this is only for your use – the recipient will not see it) , edit the Email Subject if necessary, and customize the e-mail message to fit your needs.
  9. Select Save or Next after making your changes. A dialog box saying, "Are you sure you want to overwrite your text?" will popup. Click OK and the text from your HTML email will automatically be updated in the text version below.
  10. Now you can subscribe the appropriate contacts to receive this e-card. Use the search function to locate the desired contact(s) and click the checkbox next to their name to select them. Press Next when done.
  11. Your e-card has successfully been scheduled and you will see the e-card summary page.

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