I am not receiving emails from Showing Suite or am receiving them irregularly.

If you find that you are not receiving some or any emails from Showing Suite, either from notices of feedback responses, from appointment requests and confirmations, or any other mail sent regularly from your Showing Suite account, the most likely reason is due to your email provider is filtering out our emails on some level. While Showing Suite emails are specifically designed so as to not appear like spam to most email providers and services, there is a risk with all emails that overly protective email systems will designate an email as spam or junk and try to filter it out. If you find our emails are being sent to a spam or junk folder, make sure to mark the emails as not spam or junk and that will indicate to your email provider that such emails should not be filtered out. 

If you are a Gmail user, please check your "Promotions" tab for emails being sent there. Recently Gmail instituted a "Promotions" category in which they file emails that their internal filter indicates might be "marketing" emails. Unfortunately, since many Showing Suite emails contain pictures and formatting to appear professional, this can cause Gmail to designate them as Marketing email and file them in your Promotions tab and not in your General Email Inbox. If you do find that our emails are being sent to your promotions tab, simply dragging the email from the promotions tab into your inbox tab should notify Google that in the future such emails should be sent to your inbox instead of Promotions.

Please note that in the case of Company emails, your company email may be specifically filtering out Showing Suite emails and preventing them from arriving in your inbox or even in your junk and spam folders. If you are not receiving emails and use a company email, please contact your email provider or IT department and inform them to put ALL @showingsuite.com emails in the company/email domain whitelist.


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