What can my sellers see?

What your seller can see will depend on what plan you have and the preferences you have set for their communication options in their listing details. Depending on your plan and settings, your seller will be able to see the following information while logged into their private seller console:

  1. Feedback
    • View Showings – View all of the showings that have been logged in the system here. If feedback has been provided the seller can click the View Response button to see the feedback that was left.
    • Request Feedback – If the agent has enabled the seller to send feedback requests they can do so here. Typically the showing agent information can be entered from a business card the agent leaves when visiting the property.
    • View Stats – All of the feedback gathered on the listing is compiled into easy-to-read statistical reports to offer a summary of what prospective buyers think of the property. The reports are broken down by the 4 different showing types: Showing Agent, Agent Caravan, Buyer Open House, and Buyer. Click the category type name for the statistical report you wish to see.  
    • View Responses – See a breakdown of every question and all of the answers given.
  2. Showing Calendar
    • Review Blocked Times – This page shows all blocked times and gives the option to remove the block.
    • View Calendar – View all of the scheduled appointments, and add blocked times if necessary.
  3. Listing Tasks – View any tasks that the listing agent has added for the property and see when it was completed or if it's still in the works
  4. Documents – If the listing agent has uploaded any documents for the property, they will be visible here.
  5. Comments – View any comments that the listing agent has left for the seller.
Effective July 24th 2022, Showing Suite will no longer be accessible.

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