Buyer's Agent - I've clicked the "Schedule a Showing" link in the MLS, now what?

When you click the "Schedule a Showing" link in your MLS software it will direct you to a new tab with 6 tabs. These tabs will allow you to complete the following steps:

  • Enter a new Buyer's information or select your existing buyers
  • Schedule a showing for your buyer for specific date/time or ask a question to the listing agent
  • Manage your Confirmed and Unconfirmed showings as well as cancel or reschedule showings via the Showing Clipboard
  • "Map your showings" which will add all of your confirmed showings as pins to a Google map
  • Schedule a Tour which will show the future date/time ordered listings for your selected Buyer and take client/property notes
  • Email/Print your Showing Tour for your client
  • Access Your Buyer Agent or Listing Agent Showing Suite account
Effective July 24th 2022, Showing Suite will no longer be accessible.

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