What is “checking in” to a new property and how do I do it?

Whenever you’re going to be conducting a Showing on a property you’d like to share with your collaborators, adding the property to your Notebook is called “Checking In”. When you select the “Check In” option from your menu sidebar, you will be brought to a screen where you can add the house or property you are checking into. You will be able to search for the property you are visiting and pull in all of the relevant information about the listing from the MLS. If the listing is not found, adding it is quick and easy! Just select the button that reads: “Don’t See The Address Here?” and you’ll be able to add the listing by just entering its address and taking a picture straight from your mobile device.

As you do the Showing, you can take notes with Showing Note as the Showing is conducted. These notes will be shared with everyone in your Notebook. Once you’ve completed the Showing, you can “Check Out” by clicking the “Check Out” button below the property photo on the dashboard page within Showing Note.

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