My listings are visible in my Showing Suite account. Now what should I do?

When one of your listings import successfully into your account there are two steps that will need to be completed manually for your sellers to receive feedback notifications and for your showings to send out feedback requests automatically.

The first step when a new listing imports is to add the seller to the listing. You can add a seller to your new listing by completing the following steps:

1. Click on the "Listings" tab

2. To the right of the listing hover over the "Listing Actions" button and click "View/Edit Seller Details"

3. Then enter the seller's name and email address

4. Then enter a username and password for the seller and save. It is important to note that the username needs to be unique to our entire system. We generally recommend using a combination of the seller's name and house number i.e. Chris123

5. Then choose your seller's communication settings and save.


Next, you will need to complete the following steps to add your lockbox number onto your new listing so that your showings automatically send out feedback requests:

1. Click on the "Showings" tab

2. Click on the red "None" link

3. Then enter the lockbox numbers for the corresponding listings and click save to the right of each one.


Once completed your showings should begin syncing and automatically sending out feedback requests.


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