Do you have content I can add to my website to attract sellers?

As a Showing Suite user, it may prove useful to add a marketing page to your existing website describing the feedback system that you offer to your sellers and/or asset managers.

This can help with website-generated leads if you add a way for prospective sellers to reach you through a contact form on this page. The VIP seller marketing content can be retrieved from inside your account:

  1. Click the Resources link at the very top right of the page.
  2. Look under Listing Presentations for the Showing Suite - VIP Agent Content or ForeclosureFeedback - VIP Agent Content files. The marketing content is provided in a Word document.
  3. Select either file and choose Save when the dialog box prompts you.

Either you or your webmaster can add the content to your existing website and add a webform at the bottom to allow prospects to contact you.


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