How do I schedule a future showing appointment?

In order to schedule a showing appointment using the Showing Calendar, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Listings, Showings, or Calendar tab in the top navigation.
  2. Find the desired property; you can quickly find listings by using the blue search bar at the right of the page.
  3. Under the Calendar Actions button for the desired property, click on Schedule Showing.
  4. Set the Appointment Details:
    • Showing Date - Confirm or change the appointment date.
    • Starts at - Confirm or change the appointment start time.
    • Ends at - Confirm or change appointment end time.
    • Showing Type - Confirm or change the showing type.
    • Get Approval from – Set who will need to approve the appointment.
    • Note(s) for Showing Agent – This will be sent to the showing agent in the confirmation email.
    • Remind Seller, Remind Showing Agent, & Remind Listing Agent – Set whether reminder emails should be sent to any of the three parties to avoid no-shows.
  5. Next set the Feedback Request Settings (Note: You must have an Ultimate Showing Suite or MLS+ account to use this option):
    • Send 1st Request – Set when you want the first feedback request email to go out.
    • # of Requests – Select the total # of feedback requests to be sent.
    • Frequency – Set how often the feedback requests should be sent.
    • Disable automatic feedback requests – Check this option if you prefer to manually follow-up for feedback outside the system and therefore do NOT want the showing agent to receive feedback request emails.
  6. Next, you will need to select or enter the contact information for the person that will be viewing the house.
  7. If the person already exists in your address book you can use the blue search bar to find and select them to avoid having to re-enter their details.
  8. Otherwise, if you’re adding a brand new contact you will need to enter the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Company
    • Email address
    • Mobile phone
    • Contact group
  9. Press Schedule Showing when done.

Once successfully scheduled, the page will return to the Appointment Details to allow you to schedule another showing.  You may choose to Cancel at the bottom to return to the Calendar tab.  Emails will be sent to you and your seller notifying that the showing has been scheduled and if approvals are required, they will have the links to confirm the showing.

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