How do I confirm a scheduled showing?

There are two ways to confirm showings scheduled using the Showing Calendar in your MLS software. The first is by email (or text if you utilize Text-2-Show for your listing). Whenever an appointment has been scheduled you will receive an email notifying you the appointment has been created. You can confirm the appointment by following the link in the email. If you have Text-2-Show then appointment confirmation can also be done by following the text that is sent to you following the showing appointment.

You can also approve showings in your MLS software by viewing the Showing Clipboard. Any scheduled appointment will appear in the Unconfirmed Showings section of the Clipboard until they've been approved. You can approve these showings by placing your cursor on the dropdown under "Actions" next to the showing appointment and selecting "Schedule".

If appointments have been set to require seller confirmation, sellers must also confirm appointments either through email/text or by logging into their Showing Suite seller account.

Effective July 24th 2022, Showing Suite will no longer be accessible.

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