What Buyer Agent tools are available for MLS+ subscribers

Buyer Agents who subscribe to Showing Suite can make use of the following features.

Showing Tours: Built into your MLS software is the Showing Tours feature which will allow an agent to see a list of properties they’ve schedule showings on for a given buyer. They can add notes for their client and then print or email this list to the buyers and use our mapping feature to form the best route for you to take when showing the listing.

Showing Note: Showing Note is an app for buyers and buyer's agents available through most smartphone devices (iOS and Android) that allows you to create text, picture, and video notes during real estate showings, and share your notes on social media networks and with collaborators.

Showing Suite App for Buyers: Using the Showing Suite app, you can access a buyer account which will allow you to manage your showing appointments and schedule showings on any Showing Robot enabled listing within your area.

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