What is the Showing Clipboard?

The Showing Clipboard is an easy way to manage your showings from within your MLS software. Within the Showing Clipboard window, you can review pending and confirmed showings and check any questions prospective buyer’s agents may have concerning the showing beforehand.

The Showing Clipboard is composed of three sections: Confirmed Showings, Unconfirmed Showings, and Showing Questions.

In the first section “Confirmed Showings”, you will see the details of the showings including the listing’s address, the MLS#, and the date and time of the showing. To the left of each showing entry will be a + button that can be clicked to expand the details of the showing to include more information about the agent conducting the showing and any relevant listing notes. To the right of the showing is a “Change” button that can be clicked to cancel or reschedule a confirmed showing.

The second section, “Unconfirmed Showings” will appear identical to confirmed showings except that the furthest right column will be an “Actions” column that will allow you to approve or delete any of these unconfirmed showings.

In the final section, “Questions”, you can review any questions that agents have asked about the listing prior to a showing and answer them. If an agent schedules an appointment on your listing, they will be able to pose questions to you through the MLS software that can be answered in the Questions section by just filling in the “Reply” field and submitted Reply. A showing can be easily scheduled from this menu by clicking “Yes” next to “Schedule a showing for this listing now?” which makes it easy to set up an appointment after any important questions have been answered.

Effective July 24th 2022, Showing Suite will no longer be accessible.

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