Showing Suite SMS/Text Error Help

Why am I receiving an ERROR when I send a text message when I send a text message to Showing Suite?

Reason #1: Incorrect Word

If you are receiving a message that your "Keyword is not recognized", you may be using an incorrect word when you are sending a text into the Showing Suite system. All correct words will work properly with any combination of upper or lower-case letters. No other spaces or characters should be entered directly before or after these specific words. ONLY one of the following words can be sent by text from your mobile phone in order to work:

  • SHOW
  • INFO
  • The Numeric MLS# Number of the specific listing. (i.e. 675432)
  • HELP
  • STOP

Reason #2: Wrong Showing Suite Number

You may have sent this text message to the wrong Showing Suite phone number. The words do need to be sent via text messaging to the correct Showing Suite phone number that you have been provided with, or you may receive another error.


Stop / Rates

Text and messaging rates from your cell phone provider do apply. You may always send "STOP" to cancel further text messages from Showing Suite.

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