Setting Up Confirmations For Your Listings (HIS)

After enabling a listing with the Showing Suite Appointment Calendar, you can change how confirmations are managed by going to Listing Maintenance and then selecting "Showing Suite" under Maintenance Functions.

Once on the Showing Suite page, enter the MLS number of the listing you'd like to set confirmations for and select "Settings" to open up the confirmations page.

On the confirmations page, you'll be presented with each confirmation or notification party. By default this will only have you as the listing agent to confirm appointments by email, however, you can add to or change these confirmations in the following ways:

  • Choose whether or not this listing requires confirmation. If not then any appointment made will automatically confirm and the listing agent will be informed of when the appointment is set for.
  • If confirmation is required then you’ll add your first confirming party’s name and choose their role.
  • Choose their preferred method of contact; call, text, email or some combination of the three.
  • Choose whether they are required to confirm the appointment or not. If you choose "Must be Notified" then they will receive all appointment notifications but not have to approve any of them. If they are a confirmation contact then they will be required to approve any scheduled appointments.
  • There is a checkbox where you can choose to provide the buyer’s agent’s contact information with the showing appointment request (for assistants or other parties that need this information).

Once you’ve filled out all of the information for the first party you can add any additional parties you'd like.

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