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Knowledge Base

  1. What's New 

    1. ShowingTime and Zillow
  2. Calendar 

    1. How do I schedule a future showing appointment?
    2. Is there a Global calendar that displays all of my showings in one place?
    3. What is Showing Calendar?
    4. How do I edit the calendar settings for a specific listing?
    5. How do I add Showing Calendar to my website?
  3. Contacts 

    1. Update contact groups using bulk actions
    2. How do I edit a contact's details?
    3. How do I unsubscribe a contact from future emails?
    4. How can I store my contact's birthday, anniversary dates, etc?
    5. Can I add notes to a contact's details?
  4. FAQ 

    1. How do I create a custom search with my HD-IDX?
    2. Is HD-IDX a framed solution or locally hosted?
    3. My welcome email looks all garbled up from HDIDX to install my IDX. What do I do?
    4. I Can’t Seem To Get The Widget To Show On My Website. What Am I Doing Wrong?
    5. I added this as a link on my site, and when I or any of my visitors click on it, it doesn’t work! What am I doing wrong?
  5. Followup 

    1. How do I create and send e-cards?
    2. What is the "My Templates" section?
    3. How do I unsubscribe a contact from my email campaigns, newsletters, etc?
    4. Can I edit existing campaigns?
    5. How do I subscribe a single contact to one of my campaigns?
  6. Listing 

    1. Is there a limit to how many listings I can have in my account?
    2. What are "Internal Instructions" in the Instructions/Directions page?
    3. How Do I Setup Listing Sync?
    4. Can listings be imported from the MLS
    5. Help: I don't see my listing(s).
  7. MLS Free 

    1. How Do I Enable One Of My Listings For Use With Showing Suite Scheduling? (HIS)
    2. How do I schedule a showing in my MLS through Showing Suite?
    3. What is the "Showing Suite Listing Statistics" option?
    4. Can I schedule multiple showings for one buyer?
    5. Setting Up Confirmations For Your Listings (HIS)
  8. MLS+ 

    1. Can I View An Overall Showings Or Statistic Report?
    2. What Buyer Agent tools are available for MLS+ subscribers
    3. Add An HTML Email Signature To Your Account
    4. How to cancel your MLS+ subscription
    5. Where Can I Find Marketing Materials For Showing Suite?
  9. My Account 

    1. Cancel My Subscription
    2. Can my seller reset their password?
    3. I can't remember my password/username
    4. How do I set my browser to remember my user login?
    5. Having trouble uploading your images?
  10. Office/Team Admin 

    1. How do I automatically rotate incoming leads?
    2. How do I add an agent to our office/team account?
    3. How do I login to an agent's account?
    4. What is the SnapShot report and how do I run it?
    5. What is the Prospects report and how do I run it?
  11. Reporting 

    1. Reporting Features
    2. How to use a Snap Shot Report for your Showing Agent Incentives
    3. How do I print out the statistical report for a listing?
  12. Seller Accounts 

    1. How can I add multiple sellers to a listing?
    2. Can I screen responses before they're sent to my seller?
    3. The seller already exists in my account, why can't I save my new listing?
    4. How can my seller send feedback from their account?
    5. My Seller Can't Login
  13. Settings 

    1. How do I add a seller login page to my website?
    2. How do I setup my own question templates?
    3. How do I edit the default email types I send?
    4. The new Showing Suite software update!
    5. Add an HTML signature to your account
  14. Showings 

    1. What is Showing Suite?
    2. Can I be emailed whenever showings are imported?
    3. Do you have content I can add to my website to attract sellers?
    4. How is 'offer pending' feedback used?
    5. How do I setup Showing Suite?
  15. ShowingSync (Sentrilock) 

    1. What is Showing Sync?
    2. I don't see a showing from my lockbox. (SENTRILOCK)
    3. How Do I Setup Showing Sync For SENTRILOCK Lockboxes?
    4. How do I assign my SentriLock lockboxes inside Showing Suite?
    5. [] How to Sync Showings With SentriLock
  16. ShowingSync (Supra) 

    1. What is Showing Sync?
    2. I currently use the Showing Sync desktop application, how do I switch to Showing Sync? (SUPRA)
    3. I don't see a showing from my lockbox. (SUPRA)
    4. How Do I Setup Showing Sync For SUPRA Lockboxes?
    5. How Do I Enter The Assigned KeyBox # To My Listings? (SUPRA)
  17. Surveys 

    1. How do I view the status of a scheduled showing (buyer’s agent)
    2. How do I cancel or reschedule a showing appointment?
    3. Can I have multiple sellers confirm or be notified of Showings with Showing Robot?
    4. When I try to save my settings in Showing Robot, I receive an error about selecting a method of contact.
    5. How does Text-to-Show work?
  18. Listing Sync 

    1. How do I add another MLS to Listing Sync?
    2. How Can I Disable Or Suspend My MLS Feed?
    3. I'm having trouble with Listing Sync, what do I do?
    4. Listing Sync says successful but hasn't imported my listings
    5. How do I edit my MLS in Listing Sync?
  19. Showing Robot 

    1. Are There Sign Rider Templates For My Showing Robot Number?
    2. How do I enable Showing Robot on my Showing Suite account?
    3. I’m only getting emails for showing confirmations. How do I enable phone call and/or SMS (text) confirmations?
    4. Are there areas where Showing Robot does not provide phone numbers?
    5. How does Showing Robot work?
  20. Showing Note 

    1. What is Showing Note?
    2. How can I send out invitations to collaborate on my Notebook?
    3. Taking notes with Showing Note
    4. What is “checking in” to a new property and how do I do it?
    5. What is a Showing Notebook?
  21. All articles 

    1. How Do I Enable One Of My Listings For Use With Showing Suite Scheduling? (HIS)
    2. Cancel My Subscription
    3. Can I View An Overall Showings Or Statistic Report?
    4. What is Showing Note?
    5. What is Showing Suite?
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